Each Alfa product is carefully inspected to assure product consistency and quality.
Alfa Fishing Products Ltd. grants a warranty of 12 months for the spool, frame and drag system of reels against manufacturing and material defects.
The warranty period begins from the purchase date of the reel. Receipt is required as a proof of warranty.

The Alfa warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse of the product or natural wearing of the components.

Please note that opening the drag system will void the warranty. If some problems occurs with drag system, please contact Alfa Fishing Products Ltd. immediately for repairing.

If you notice a faulty in your reel which might be covered by warranty, please contact us by e-mail: info(at)alfafishing.com

General Insturctions

We recommend that you throughly rinse Products in running freshwater after each day of use. After rinsing, take a small nylon brush (toothbrush) or similar soft brush non abrassive and remove any dirt from spool, frame, foot etc. Use proper reel grease and oil to lubricate the parts that will need it. Notice washing and cleaning will remove the grease and oil.

Retrieve Change

Arctic Reel

1. Remove the spool from the reel frame. Be careful not to drop and damage the spool.
2. Carefully open the drag house by turning cap and holding washer firmly.
3. Turn one way needle bearing and place it back in to drag housing. Notice to align the bearing with all drag disks.
4. Place to drag onthe housing and turn it back in to washer. Tighten the drag cap enough to reach the water tight closure. Washer should reach the seal ring.
5. Place spool back on the frame and tighten spool cap.