Alfa Gel-Spun Backing Line

€ 5,95 EUR

Alfa Gel Spun Fly line backing is super strong micro backing with no stretch.
With a diameter a fraction of the standard material, Gel Spun retains its strength in the water, offers extreme abrasion resistance, and can fend off the worst the elements have to offer. This backing material is great from freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing.

Low diameter allows approx 75% more line capacity on the spool

Retains 100% its strenght while wet.

High abrassion resistance.

High visibility.

Smooth coating.

Available in 20lb 50m/200m spools,  30lb 200m spool and 45lb 200m spool.

Color: Hot Orange and Hot Orange / Yellow for 45lb 200m spool

  • Spool diameter
  • Spool width
  • Hub diameter
  • Reel weight
  • Spool weight
  • Spool capacity
  • Line capacity
  • Drag power
  • Drag material
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